It is said that walking during a round is the way golf was meant to be played. Whether you prefer to walk with a caddie or ride a cart and utilize a forecaddie, River Forest has built one of the strongest caddie programs in the area. From the beginning of our program, River Forest made the decision that our caddies will be "school age", as a whole. Caddies can be as young as thirteen and can caddie until college Graduation and at any given time we have about 150 caddies for our Members.

Our caddies are ranked into three levels: Honor (most tenured and knowledgeable), "A" (seasoned with strong caddie experience) & "B" (usually in their first or second year of caddying). One of the club's main goals for these young men & women, is to provide each of them the opportunity to apply for the Evans Scholarship. The Evans Scholarship program is run by the Western Golf Association and awards full tuition including room and board to winning candidates. It is truly a life-changing scholarship. To date, RFCC has 9 current Evans Scholars attending college and 47 alumni.

Caddies may also apply for the River Forest Scholarship, which awards funds annually to club employees or family members of club employees to further their education after high school. Our caddie program is just another great way to enhance the experience for our members and guests!

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